When Jonathan and I joined our first network marketing company a year and a half ago, people questioned us. When we joined another company a year later, people were even more curious.

Since then, we have watched friends and family joining other companies left and right: Rodan and Fields, Kangen, DoTerra, Mary Kay, Javita, Jeunesse, It Works, and Nature’s Sunshine products, among others.

What is the appeal?

1. Ease of entry.

It’s a generally proven way to learn entrepreneurship with low financial risk. There’s also usually a CEO, Board of Directors, or leadership team with a proven history of financial success. You’ll receive (varying degrees of) education and learn the foundation for building a business.

2. Relatively low investment.

The average price of starting your own brick and mortar business is about $65,000 (averages are higher for construction, manufacturing and retail businesses), according to Babson College statistics cited by the WSJ. The lowest startup cost I’ve paid to join an MLM is $100. The highest I’ve paid is $2500. Most companies have a $500-600 startup option. As I’ve heard numerous times before, if $500-600 can make or break you, you may have larger things to consider financially. The low investment cost appeals to people looking for a new source of income.

2. High quality associations.

In a world where negativity sells, where more people spend their time talking about what they don’t have, how they cannot afford things, how tired they are, how they need a vacation, etc, it can be hard to surround yourself with actual doers. By joining a network marketing company, you’re immediately surrounded by people on the path to more.

In this industry, you’re guaranteed to hear the Jim Rohn quote about each of us becoming the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. With that in mind, it’s wise to avoid those complaining and stick closely with those succeeding. That’s a tip for life, as well.

3. Income potential.

MLM’s are the fastest way for any Jane Doe to follow a pre-formed plan and earn six figures a month. As an aside, more often than not, those who generally do so have acquired the skill set to do so by working with prior companies. I’ve heard it can take an average of seven companies before a person finds success as a network marketer. I don’t say that to champion company-hopping. I say that to affirm earning income as a network marketer is directly related to your skill set.

It just so happens that finding success as a network marketer can be a much faster route to a debt free, six to seven figure lifestyle than any other business format, especially considering the low investment costs.

4. Recognition.

We’ve all heard the sweetest sound for a person is the sound of their own name. It’s no leap to realize the importance of recognition. Even something as small as a paper certificate can make a lasting impression. Network marketing companies excel in this area. Thanks to social media, even the smallest rank advancements become big news. With large rank advancements come the opportunities to speak in front of thousands of people and pay it forward.

5. Incentives.

I love incentives. When we’re kids, life is all about incentives: gold stars for good behavior, class pizza parties, popsicles after standardized testing, graduation parties… As we become adults, incentives vanish. What are the rewards for work well done?

Network marketing companies also excel in the area of incentives. Elsewhere, incentives are saved for CEO’s and the like. With MLM’s, everyone has to opportunity to earn the jewelry, the car, the suit, the house, the ipad, the $25,000 bonus, the stock options…

Why would you join a network marketing company? Tell me in the comments below.

Talk soon,